Saturday, September 09, 2006

A day of revisions

The past two days' work has yielded some very nice western blot results, but I haven't yet had time to sit down and thouroughly analyze the results. Today I am working on the revisions to our CRP-S manuscript (though I have spent the morning working on figure formats and resolution - fiddling with figures takes little thought and is nice with coffee).
In terms of western blot analysis of Sxy levels, I now have the satisfying result that sera from two idenpendently Sxy-infected rabbits (may they rest in peace) detect the same relative levels of Sxy in different samples. However, by switching rabbit sera I have lost an internal control (background) protein that I used for normalization, thus I can't directly compare absolute values from the two different sera. Oh well, one more set of gels should allow me to compare relative Sxy levels in all mutants and growth conditions so far.


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