Monday, August 14, 2006

Manuscript is done!

Well, besides a few i's that need dotting. Unfortunately, it took the weekend, mostly to get the citations all sorted (77 in total now) and the citation manager Bookends to put them all together. This means that this afternoon I can get down to sxy - both some RNA work and filling in some pieces (like Methods) in the 2ยบ structure manuscript. Maybe soon I'll have something more scientifically stimulating to add to this blog - I think my brain was bored this weekend doing menial things like replacing ( ) with { } at all citations in the CRP-S manuscript.

Of scientific interest, may I didrect your attention to a recent article in Science "Depletion, Degradation, and Recovery Potential of Estuaries and Coastal Seas" (23 June, p. 1806-1808), which tracks human impact on coastal ecosystems across the ages of human expansion (the cultural periods make for a neat X-axis). There is currently much press on estimating the future impacts of global warming, but what strikes me is how we rarely stop to think about how our everyday activities, like fishing and pissing in the river, have, over the ages, caused more global damage in terms of depletion of species richness and abundance than global warming is predicted to accomplish in the next few hundred years.


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