Thursday, October 19, 2006

A strong positive correlation

My time in Inuvik so far has consisted primarily of making figures. In order to stop procastinating, here's a blog post to show a satisfying result. (A "Where is Inuvik?" post will follow soon). Plotting Sxy abundance in cells growing in sBHI against transformation shows a positive correlation: as Sxy levels increase, cells become more competent.
This tells us that Sxy is limiting to competence development during gowth in rich medium, as is cAMP-CRP. In the figure, blue=KW20 and red=hypercompetent mutants, while filled circles are OD 0.2 and empty circles are OD 1.0. This plot includes our latest protein data - with this new data, the corellation between Sxy levels and transformation frequency is very strong (and satisfying).


At 6:25 AM, Blogger Rosie Redfield said...


At 6:27 PM, Blogger Heather Maughan said...

The correlation looks much tighter for the hypercompetence mutants than for KW20, although admittedly it is still damn good. Is there something about the nature of the hypercompetent mutants that would result in a tighter correlation than in wildtype strains?

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Some call me Tim said...

I can think of two reasons that the hypercompetent mutants have a tighter correllation (but both reasons are due to accuracy): 1) the higher transformation frequency of the hypercompetent strains means that they always yield lots of colonies to count, especially when KW20 is non-transformable and the number of transformants hangs around the detection limit. 2) The same goes for measuring Sxy levels in cells. KW20 cultured in rich medium doesn't produce much Sxy, whereas hypercompetent mutants always make lots of Sxy protein. Thus, measurements on both the X and Y axes are more accurate for the hypercompetent strains.


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